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Beyond the Tupiniquin lands

NFT collection based on the Radix Brasil community with 10,000 exclusive images, highlighting the Tupiniquin lands.

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for our tribe

Official launch promotion for the entire Radix Dlt community. NFTs draw from the Brazuks collection follow @BrazuksNft +Like +RT +Tag 2 Influencers Radix Dlt

Reservations (open) 

Send 100 XRD for each NFT Brazuks to the following address:


Make sure you have sent 100 XRD for each BRAZUKS NFT booked. If you send XRD in a fractional way, your funds will be refunded (minus 1 XRD for transaction fees). If you want to collect at least 1 Rare Brazuks, send the appropriate minimum amount of 1000 XRD with the following information in the message field: "#prize" in the description. (e.g. 1000 XRD with the message #prize will give you 09 random "Normal" Brazuks + 01 Rare Brazuks).

You will receive a BZK token for each Brazuks that will allow you to redeem your NFT after the Babylon phase.Each wallet can reserve a maximum of 300 NFts.

As supply decreases, the floor will increase as follows:

• Until 25% is sold: 100 XRD (open)

• Until 50% is sold: 150 XRD (closed)

• Until 75% is sold: 200 XRD (closed)

• Until 100% is sold 250 XRD (closed)


“One step forward and you are no longer in the same place” (C. Science)

Beyond dsegner:

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Tickets for Exclusive Events

Our Team

We are passionate individuals about creating a frictionless world by redefining the way people use web3 tools.

The most complete project of NFT

Rare brazukas with well-customized illustrations of some of the most diverse personalities of the Radix Dlt

community will be available soon for promotions and social campaigns. ‍

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